Our Service Offering

Furniture Specification and Planning
W. S. Goff provides complimentary design and furniture specification services with any furniture purchase. Through our “Survey Analysis” phase, we work with you and your unique work environment to optimize worker and office productivity. Our CAD (computer aided design) program allows us to present two and three dimensional scaled drawings to our customers, enabling clients to experience the amount of workspace, storage, and office flow the proposed design provides before the furniture is purchased. Additionally, we offer countless design and technology options from our extensive resource library of over 200 manufacturers and are able to make suggestions regarding finish selections in order to accommodate all of your needs and ensure that your final installation is beautiful as well as functional.

Furniture Management/ Warehousing Services
W. S. Goff provides both warehousing and inventory management of office furniture for our customers. Overseeing the inventory allows us to quickly reallocate the furniture within the organization, saving our customers time and money. The furniture is stored in our extensive racking system, providing safe storage and easy access to items whenever necessary.

Relocation Service
W. S. Goff offers comprehensive relocation services to all of our customers. We provide a professional moving strategy for transitioning a company to a new location in order to ensure minimal disruption and down-time to their business operation. We plan every aspect of the move, from taking inventory of the existing furniture to providing a detailed space plan for the new location. Through our meticulous planning process, we also able to integrate both new and existing furniture for a seamless installation.

Delivery and Installation
W. S. Goff is a full service dealership, providing office furniture delivery and installation services to our customers. Our installers are professionals, specifically trained to properly handle and install your new office furniture. We receive furniture shipments at our Mays Landing facility and schedule delivery of products at the customer’s convenience.

As a “Steelcase Network Dealer”, we are able to offer delivery and installation services throughout the entire United States. Our specially trained “Network Coordinator” manages every aspect of your order to ensure prompt and proper delivery and installation services anywhere in the country. This is a program that allows our customers to maintain central purchasing control while simultaneously satisfying the needs of branch locations with quality furniture and a consistent level of service.

W. S. Goff works with clients to plan and execute changes that require office reconfiguration. We provide all of the necessary services to assist our customers in planning and implementing any size office reconfiguration. Our experienced sales team develops a complete inventory list of existing products and supplements with new products (if necessary) in order to complete the project. The redesigning is done quickly and accurately with our CAD program technology. Our installation team has experience with most major furniture systems, including Steelcase, AIS, KI, and Nvision.

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